Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Sand Chick Factory:Under ongoing pRODUCTION

March 15-2011 Mini Tour on whats going on at the Sand Chick factory located on the East Side of Los Angeles:As they prepare for their first solo art exhibit in the shady sunny city of Los Angeles Cal. Stay tuned for more info on Sand's Solo "BOW TIES"

These are the "Paint mixers" here is were various shades of colors are heavily and daily produced.

The strict dress code requires casual attire in order to produce extreme amounts of work,here at the Sand factory we have a motto: "Its not the looks,its the skill" whats the point of being a hot Sand Chick if you cant even finish a job?
So I do a little bit of photography...not really,i shoot blanks :(

Energy Bar consumption is heavily enforced at the Sand Chick factory.

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