Monday, March 21, 2011

Save The Seals!

Okay this is awkward..But I was invited to a protest last week in Down Town L.A, and after not knowing what it was for...I learned.Here's the quick breakdown: Canada Fish Market:Baby seals being beat to death in front of their mothers with bats which contain sharp hooks attached to the end of them.A new sea food market is forcefully hoped to be created, which consists in the mass consumption of seal.But the problem is..No one wants to eat the dam seals! Anyone wants seal soup,or a garlic seal fillet?I can hardly chew caviar..because I'm thinking in my head..these are freaken eggs.I don't care how hard caviar is to find i dont like it! Give me some chicken Enchiladas por favor!

Back to my seal deal..Seals are being slaughtered.And the market for these animals is NONE, is not in demand.And then we wonder why Tsunamis and all this weird stuff happens with all the imbalances caused by man to nature.SAVE THE SEALS! When you eat sea food make sure its not from Canada.,and you will make a difference for the little flipper seals :)Ok I'm going back to my art life.

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