Saturday, May 7, 2011

Maybe she/he is just not that into you...

What do you do when someones stuck inside you're head? And all you think about is her/him....crazy thoughts lingering around you mind of all the things the both of you could do.I'm going crazy here..I imagine myself talking to him,out on a date,eating some icecream,doing a cheesecake run. I'm crushing it,and he is scared, Why are you scared! WATAFAK!

Just go for it! The was I see it; Were only going to live once,if you want something,chase it down. Live with the satisfaction of knowing that you gave it a shot,instead of wondering what could have happened.
(his name in code) ***** STOP BEING A SCARY ASS WEENIE!Im actually pretty normal here..


  1. You might have to take matters into your own hands; Instead of waiting for him to make the first move, casually, ask him to an art gallery ( preferably one that doesnt involve the Ghetty Center or something. PicNics are allowed there) Pack a lunch for the two of you...and dont forget the drinks :)

  2. I will always be with u even when ur far away i will support and encorage u to du bettef for the ones u care about ,support u likd the cake and pie makeing to getting it started with the windo husle i will always have love for sand one ,im happy we met.