Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Very,deeply,sadly disappointed.As a painter..I struggle to make ends meet,do lots of crazy jobs and hustles to live comfortably and meet my expectations.Whether is a quickly done painting or a time consuming painting,I always give my art the uppermost priority.My art before anything,before myself.I guess some people want a Sand piece so badly, but cant find enough money to actually purchase it.Recently this piece called "I will always love you" was stolen from a coffee shop in Down Town Los Angeles Ca. Flattered? Maybe in small doses .This painting could have payed my past due light and gas bill,or my suspended licence,or the groceries for the next two months..maybe I could have bought some new clothes and given my mother some money to ease her struggles..

Note To The Burglar: You risked yourself by stealing this,you must have deeply longed to have this,I'm sure you tough about it...pondered the idea of just taking it..running away with a Sand Chick.And you did it.I went home sad after my meeting with the cofee shop owners.Enjoy your new art piece,and please take care of it.Love it and care for it as much as I would if it was under my roof.I can't be mad...I will forgive but never forget..Just a tought:If this painting had a fucken radar your punk ass would have gotten your bitch ass tored the fuck up!
MUA! Enjoy :)

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