Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Watafak? what..I'm lost here...I saw his bombs all over Los Angeles..I would see his shit everywhere..Oh gosh I would even notice it without even looking for them..FUCK I'm astonished,tript out..what happen? why? when? I mean is not that I know him... I know of him and that's enough to feel all shaken..I feel overwhelmed..he was about my age...he was young I think I read somewhere only 19! why do the good die so young? He had drive, to get up all over l.a ! there are so many of us, so many street artist,writers,bombers..only the most consistent shine...I always saw a Corn and Erie..every truck in down town had his name..

I always saw this one on the 10 freeway!

My he peacefully bomb the shit out of heaven...

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