Saturday, July 9, 2011

Girl Put Your Records On..

I’m feeling down these days..I know oodles of societies read my blog and that makes me truly blissful knowing that you are reading my daily diary. Please never stop liking my art. I humbly want to thank you for visiting my little blog and reading all my adventures and dreams. I’m just a little romantic thug dreamer out of some little house somewhere in East L.A...I’m somebody’s daughter and somebody’s sister. Nobody’s business and someone’s hero…
Here’s a piece of my mind: I love to paint; it makes my days full of joy and meaning. I am not here to threaten any man’s ego, nor to shatter your beliefs and politics on street art,Graffiti,Bombing and on the art world. I just do what makes me feel resilient,right,and brightens up my dull days.

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