Sunday, July 24, 2011

Highland Parque Invasion Ese!

This weekend the Sand Chickz decided to put their skills to test by putting together a huge mural full of only Sand Chick dolls.Since their ability and strenght credibility was severely threatened,when they were advised to have other people "help them" with the mural making,for the wall was too big to be just done by girls!..In retaliation and in honor of our ovaries strenght,the girly members of the Sand Crew had a serious meeting to politic over these matters.

After 4 hours of chugging on cold beers,and munching on some sexy asada Tortas.They headed out to Home depot..ran out with bags of Rustoleum spray paint,rollers,gloves, and buff paint!In highheels and tight dresses. Threw some hairspray on and set out to do their HUGE wall.
Highland Park invasion here we come!!..more like here we are..
Check us out next week..As we will announce the days we will be there

Thanks Dare for bringing us the Torta,Cheesecake and Smoothie at the HP wall,and to Monique for bringing a Smoothie to the wall on Melrose! SHAAAU!

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