Friday, August 12, 2011

Rocking shit till the wheels dust off...Get your grind on!

As me and Vyal One painted at "The Sand Lot" in the beautiful east side of L.A...politiquing over women,money,paint,food and street matters..we came to a conclusion..It was a freaken hot ass day!!

My preferred homegirls..They are a mother and daughter duo, every time I see them I always make sure to buy from them, even if I’m full of all kinds of nasty junk food ill still purchase. If these women have the drive to wake up every morning and walk the streets selling burritos, candy and drinks..You know I’m dropping cash in their pockets without a doubt! I appreciate a dedicated hustler, they could easily be at home eating shit but instead they are steadily grinding their daily bread...Support your local hustlers and get your grind on Homie!

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