Monday, September 26, 2011


It was a nice Saturday afternoon, so me and Vyal decided to paint some pre-Halloween stuff :) in the beautiful Down Town L.A..Here’s the story on this wall: My Sand Chick is sooo sprung on Vyal’s metro sexual Vampire she gets all bent out of shape and freaks out so badly when he’s near her, sounds like us when were sprung on someone cocky? She becomes crossed eyed, her fangs sharpen and this uncontrollable blood thirst begins to surge. She suddenly starts shaking and panicking. She’s only 16 so you can imagine how weak her game is..she’s SPRUNG! (She needs to start listening to Lil Kim, and learn a thing or two about pimping) Don’t you hate being sprung? Especially when you know he/she likes you but yet they show indifference. LOVE BITES!

Downt Town L.A
By: Vyal One & Sand
P.S: Dont play games..if you like someone just go for it..whats the worst? REJECTION :(..Just do it!! Call right now and let them know..YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE,stop fighting the feeling! LOVE BITES:)

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