Friday, September 16, 2011

MQ & Sand One-Collectors Edition 2011

“I should’ve killed you when I had the chance. … “ Ever regretted not saying or acting upon when you had the chance? Well this Vampire Sand Chick did. She should have killed him before her love turned into an unsustainable rage, before his lies and deceits overflowed her mind with thoughts of revenge. She should have ended his miserable existence..

When does the cat and mouse game ever end? When does the player drops the crown only to surrender his endless games and nights filled with empty, meaningless encounters? How long must a woman meddle and patiently wait before her heart turns cold and bitter.. Every beginning is filled with marvelous discoveries. Every end is filled with emptiness. She should have killed him when there was love..

Enough Blabbing...Dont get scared it was just a mini story for the artwork! Were not really psycho :)

In this Painting :MQ as "The Sick Legendary"with his worldwide famously knowns stickers and Sand's Chik as "The L.A Vampire"
Thanks Art S. for your awesome art collab request!

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