Monday, September 12, 2011

Russian Chola

Whats up everyone!
So tomorrow is my Bday…and I’m excited! Let the double chin and the boobies sag!
More like..age like wine,the older the better.
Oh! So many mixed emotions…I want to share a little bit of me with you.The real girls behind me..My inspirations. First let’s start with my Russian Chola..Nicole: She came from Russia to American 10 years ago, now she is 25, from all the places in L.A,she lands in East L.A! What a place to live much luxury and classiness. I met Nicole when I was still a little Teen Age Chola from the East side. Since then our lives changed. We both fell in love with thugs as we walked down Whittier Blvd on a sunday afternoon,got faded off of Pan Dulce and Arroz con Leche,overdosed on Tamales and Champurrado but never parted ways. Now we are respectable women of society: p,our crazy food parties are now over. She never listens to Russian music..She is all about the Thug Life Rap! Eats lots of tacos and popusas, does soda runs with me in local liquor stores and listens to me when my drawings look like smashed quesadillas..Live and learn but never stay stuck in a hole!

Here is me and one of my inspirations Nikhole..East side Players for life..

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