Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kreyshawn x Sand One

This girl is breaking stereotypes and pursuing what she loves in life: MUSIC...I did my research on her and read so much stuff online about Ms. Kreyshawn while gathering info and pics to do her custom "Limited Edition Sand Chikz Purse".And even thou all the shit I read was hard and negative ass fuck,those words are just irrelevant and meaningless.Shes slapping everybody and their grandma's in the bootay! Her shine and swagg outdo anyone that has butts and if's to say .She is pushing and stomping harder than any 21 year old out on the streets grinding and hustling (damm what am I doing wrong lol!!).The spotlight is fully shining on her right now. She's a bad ass bitch,and no one can take that away from her. Kreyshawn is holding the torch for all of us youngsters and females seeking for a better and baller future..
Support and appreciate the drive that eminates from her :)

Kreyshawn's Limited Edition Sand Chik Purse,made exclusively for her.Stay tuned for the delivery of the purse :)
Get yours! Email me for details:

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