Monday, November 14, 2011

East L.A Chik in NEW YORK

I love traveling. I never thought I would ever leave East L.A,my mom and my little brothers,my homegirls. When I leave I venture into unknown places, meet strange faces, walk unknown streets, sleep in an empty bed…it’s scary sometimes. But I love it! From time to time I have bad experiences. Sometimes I have a blast. It’s a gamble. Whenever my mom calls me I always tell her I’m having the time of my life! She doesn’t need to know all the crazy things I have learned to appreciate …I see a lot of stuff while roaming. I have learned to accept and respect everyone’s way of living life. I want to see the world. I have fallen in love far from home,ran as fast as I could when I couldt afford to pay the taxis,layed in some skanky hotels in Chicago..Painted for food..HAHA ITS ALL AN ADVENTURE

Painted in creepy places, met wonderful people along the way, left behind memories and food I wished I could have tuckt inside by bra and smuggled into the U.S. I’m just a Gangsta girl from the east side of Los Angeles exploring this big juicy world.

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