Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sand Chikz Portraits Presents: Diane

Custom Portrait for Miss Diane..This painting was made by Diane's best friend Kazia,who contacted me with the coolest idea! A painting of her best friend (Diane) and all the things she truly cherishes the most as a birthday present.Now here is a little bit about Diane: She loves her puppy Lucky,has 2 licences to riding elephants,loves and lives at times in Thailand, travels the world, and resides in South Beach, Miami.She is Classy Miami Baby!

Thank you Kazia and Diane for being Sand down!


  1. the elephant is so cute! and you should make one of your drawings on a stocking for christmas (:

  2. Thank you ..... I adore my work of art as much as my best friend Kazia. You painting already has a special spot at home. I love it. Great to see you here for Art Basel.