Sunday, December 25, 2011

.:What is a Baby Boss?:.

Baby Boss:/bôs/Noun: 1.A female in charge of a worker or organization.
2.A young,independent and girlie thug chik,who manages projects and is constantly producing numerous ideas towards successful projects.
3.A bossy chick with high expectations,who accepts nothing but the best.

Verb: Give (someone) orders in a domineering manner: "bossing everyone around".

Adjective: Excellent; outstanding,Confident,Fearless

Synonyms: noun. chief - master - head - manager-hustler- gangsta- classy- cute
verb: direct - manage - govern - conduct - command - administer- pimping- shopping- making moves- chasing paper-running shit

Noun-A bad Chik who is a leader, a strong money,goal,carreer driven female who runs shit in her hood or city.

ATTENTION If you got some of the below mentionings :
Lots of swagg,more than 2 girls loosing sleep over every move you make,2 guys (or more) throwing money at you just to see you,money and self respect on your mind,an expensive taste and a strong confident attitude... most than likely you are a Baby Boss.

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