Monday, January 30, 2012

.:Honey & Teddy:.

Cool thangs are approaching once the rain is all gone...

Meet: Honey and Mr.Teddy
The new addition to the family of cartoons

Teddy is a Boss,a player by nature and a cold hearted hustler.He chases money..and Honey too.He acts like Honey is not his only woman when she truly is,he thinks about her all day every day.. A player for life! But deep inside he is head over heels for Honey.Teddy looks for Honey..always finding ways to keep her coming for more of his thug ass fluffiness..

Honey loves teddy,she's the honey to his heart..thou she is always accusing him of cheating on her.Why? Well,he never eats the honey she brings him,hes always talking about money even in his sleep and of bunch of hoochies are always trying to get close to his wallet.Shes a hardcore chik,a Chola for life! And a sucker for Teddy,she wears a bow she made with his face on it,even tattooed his portrait on her neck,his paw on her hand and a "DONT FUCK WITH ME" on her finger..Just so Teddy knows what time it is :D

A love hate relationship...Some Bonnie and Clyde shit :D

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