Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"The Mad Pianist" 2011

Miami Fl- Commissioned piece for the cutest "Sand Chikz" art collector couple I have met in Miami..Ms. Diane (The Blonde world traveler with a heart of gold and her baby puppy Lucky)and David (The loving pianist,that madly awaits while playing his piano, for Diane's return as she ventures into the world)

In this Collectors Piece Diane stands on the far right holding her beloved David (whom was turned into a cute teddy bear that resembles Davids appearance)
as he happily plays a melody for the just returned Diane.On top of the piano sits Lucky,the couples love child :D
The background colors and skyline are of Miami

Thank you!
Diane,Lucky and David for owning this special piece.
"The Mad Pianist"

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