Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The $99 Custom LOVE Deal ♥ Keeps going...

Were going crazy here!
Maybe its the weather change..maybe its our player schedule..or we simply just lost it here at the Sand Chikz office. You know what..? It has to be that horrible Valentines reminder everywhere we go..Love? WTF is that !!
Well show you some LOVE ..Allright!

"I got 99 Problems but this purse aint one :D"

Have cool fancy, classy, smooth leather like purse, bag, hand bag, tote,leather jacket,bomber jacket,denim jacket...Whatever it is!!??
And you want to gat it Customized by Sand One with a Sand Chik character of you?
Or just a cool Sand Chik...
Note:EMAIL US @ SAND@SANDONER.COM for shipping instructions

Well pimp it for only $99

SEND US YOUR PIECE !! Along with 3 photos of you, a mini description of all the little things that make you the special Chik you are and a $99 Payment (this covers the customization of your accessory and the shipping back to you)
Note: Allow 4 weeks for production

Note:EMAIL US @ SAND@SANDONER.COM for shipping instructions

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