Thursday, June 7, 2012

Save out L.A Murals-By Sawni D

DEAR WORLD - PLEASE HELP US SAVE OUR MURALS!“ "Mujer Del Este De Los Angeles" "The title was inspired by Our Lady of the Angels, the saint after whom the city of Los Angeles is named. The image is an idealistic one, expressing a desire for world harmony by portraying a Latina with the flags of more than 100 countries draped around her. The Mexican flag is over her heart, with that of the United States directly below." Muralist, George Yepes Photo l.h. side: Robin Dunitz Photo rh side: Ian Robertson-Salt The people power of the internet is amazing. The ability to help others is remarkably outstanding. The opportunity to find, learn, support, and educate oneself on anything the mind can conjur up is unmatched! One thing I love about writing on behalf of causes, advocating and doing pr for others is, checking to see what countries are checking out this blogsite, and reading about what is happening here in Los Angeles. I am always blown away, grateful and humbled - if you are one who comes to this page from time to time THANK YOU! Another thing I love is PUBLIC/URBAN ART, especially murals. Since my youth I have had a great affinity for those in the City of Los Angeles, where I live. For some reason, this art form, that pre-dates any other, along with the master muralists, graffiti writers, street artists, and up and coming muralists/spray paint artists, has/have been under attack in the city once known as the Mural capital of the world, for years now. Most recently, (meaning Wednesday, June 6th, 2012) one of the rare treasures that made it through decades, that WAS a beacon for solidarity of the human race, painted in 1989 by one of these master painters, Chicano muralist, GEORGE YEPES is now GONE. Copied and Posted from the posting on the Mural Conservancy Los Angeles' Facebook Page: "Today, “Mujer Del Este De Los Angeles” by George Yepes was painted over. Located on the 101N freeway, near the 4th Street exit, this mural was created in 1989 as symbol of harmony between cultures. Instances like this, where lack of information about mural policy leads to destruction of historical landmarks is exactly why the new mural ordinance must be passed. Mural of the Week: 6/6/12 Artist: George Yepes Title: Mujer Del Este De Los Angeles Address: 418 South Pecan St., Los Angeles, CA 90033. Size: 23' X 11' ft Medium: Acrylic Date: 1989 Type: Cultural Description / Interpretation: The title as inspired by Our Lady Queen of The Angels, the saint after whom the city of Los Angeles is named. The image is an idealistic one, expressing a desire for world harmony by portraying a Latina with the flags of more than 100 countries draped around her. The Mexican flag is over her heart, with that of the United States directly below. Assistants: Frederick Amador, Edgar Castañeda, Mark A. Callindo, and Andy Ortega. Sponsored and commissioned by SPARC ART. Photo: © Robin Dunitz" THIS "LEGAL" DESTRUCTION OF HISTORY, CULTURE, STORY-TELLING, INSPIRATION, ART, HAS TO STOP NOW...currently, there is no protection in place for these works of art, and most importantly ARTISTS, forcing them to leave L.A. for good (remember when this happened to the Los Angeles movie industry?) For those who are new to this, there is a Mural Ordinance that by all accounts is rumored to be in the final phase of the draft language being made law in Los Angeles, which ultimately protects murals, and artists who paint them. (Speaking for myself, since I decided to write this post to hopefully raise more awareness) I trust that it is, and know how much time and effort by many went into the language and detailed construction of what is and what isn't a mural. For some reason the ordinance has not yet happened. The below italicized paragraph was written by the person from the City of Los Angeles | Department of City Planning Code Studies | Office of Zoning Administration, who was assigned to re-writing this mural ordinance language in order to get it passed through local legislation, enabling it to go to vote by all members of LA City Council in mid-spring, 2012. "The L.A. City Planning Dept is scheduled to present a revised draft of the mural ordinance at the City Planning Commission meeting on Thursday, April 26, at the Van Nuys Civic Center. The revised draft and staff report will be released at least a week before the meeting. This is the first of upcoming opportunities to speak directly to city commissioners and City Councilmembers on the mural ordinance. The Planning Department previewed some of the proposed revisions at the March 15th Cultural Affairs Commission meeting, including a lower mural permit fee, a shorter duration requirement, and other changes many muralists and stakeholders lobbied for during the recent comment period." As mentioned, I do pr for others, my most recent exhibition was 'Urban Legends', which covered 45 years of public art around the world, and was held in Los Angeles. Out of complete respect for those who started painting in the mid-60's, and the interest shown in the past by the rep. for the City of L.A., we were planning on issuing a quote from him as to his opinion of the importance of this art form to the city, which would be included in press. The above is what was sent, and was not included in any press as the meeting was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts. Those of us who were initially involved in the volunteer planning committee (myself included, for some reason it was dissolved) were given much assurance by the Dept. of Code Studies, that by late Spring of 2012 a new mural ordinance would be in place, and to "go ahead and paint the town", which many artists did under the assumption they and their works were protected (they also had to do their part, via VARA, etc.) Throughout the last 10 months several meetings, public hearings, workshops at various galleries and very heated discussions of how to bring everyone together in solidarity of murals, were held throughout 2011 and into 2012, and there is still no ordinance, and in the last month at least 7 works of art have been defaced. WORLD, this is where you come in. More than ever before, we need your help, now. There are a few ways you can help us in raising awareness. One is, please consider financially supporting the longstanding non-profit organizations who have diligently been leading the cause in Los Angeles, for decades since 1976, and since 1987. BOTH are incredible resources, founded by legendary public artists who are supported by Executive Directors, Archivists, staff and volunteers that are 100% dedicated to the cause and will work weeks on end, until the wee hours of the morning if asked, and if needed. These are the people who are behind these worthy organizations. They are each independent 501c3's that earn every penny in order to preserve, promote and continue this art form, and, they are grateful for each penny, dollar, thousand dollars, all adds up and helps. Keep in mind the millions of dollars the tourism industry makes off of people coming to Los Angeles to see these works of art. NONE of this money or revenue is given to the artists, or organizations that conserve and advocate. Local, and International newspapers, bloggers, journalists, Art Magazines, LA TIMES, PLEASE cover this - there is no guarantee whatsoever that this will not happen in other parts of the world, and art and artists need guardians such as you NOW! I can provide you with a plethora of people who you can contact directly and help them share their stories. WE NEED THE POWER OF THE FREE PRESS NOW! No one asked me to write this. I have increasingly become very saddened and very concerned by the lack of response or action taken by the City of L.A. on this matter, and felt this could no longer wait. I humbly and respectfully thank you for what you are able to do. I can be contacted via e-mail at: Most sincerely, Shawni D.

Note: Shit like this pisses me the fuck up!
Its Not just graff and street art being buffed? Really L.A? Now its hystorical murals that cause no harm to anyone....Its So discouraging and mind fucking.

I just saw this wall yesterday as i drove on the 101 freeway on my way to hollywood...And i noticed the mural production done on two huge storage bins that were located next to this hystorical mural were also completely erased. The production was done by the South Central L.A Graffiti artist crew K4P.It was colorful and its just gray and lifeless...WATAFAK!

Why eliminate art? Why not eliminate drug dealers,scammers,junkies and rapist..

NEW L.A MOTTO : .Keep the crack, eliminate the art....

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