Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Ovarian-Psycos Bicycle Brigade Make a Space for Women on the Eastside

East Side women riding through the streets of Boyle Height..This Chikz are Gangsta...Born on the East side of L.A...Riding through Cesar Chavez fearless of the stereotypes that are given to our rough neighborhood streets...Stay hood..and you'll be these East side streets.
It's time we make some COOCHI Power movements...

WOMEN of L.A...Stand up and make a strong and independent!

Two months ago, when 22-year-old Bree’Anna Guzman was murdered in Lincoln Heights, the all-women bike group Ovarian-Pscyos Bicycle Brigade scrapped their previously planned ride to ride instead through the neighborhood to protest the killing.
“Whose Streets,” one woman called out.
“Our Streets” the more than 30 women riding answered.
While many recent bike groups are either bicycling for recreation, bringing awareness to bicyclists on the road, or use the bicycle for social justice movement events, the Ovarian-Psycos Bicycle Brigade is a community inspired women’s movement that does all of the above and then some.
In Los Angeles, fewer than 1 in 5 people cycling were female, according to preliminary data from the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition’s most recent bicycle count. While this trend has been the constant in cities across the nation, the number of female bicycle groups in Los Angeles has grown from just a couple a few years ago, to at least four.

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