Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Any Mans Land..

San Francisco California-The streets of Tenderloin are one of the roughest neighborhoods in Down Town San Francisco, therefore I set myself to find a wall in this infamous area to paint one of my Sand Chikz.

After hours of roaming these rough streets full of hustlers pimps hoes and lost souls… I found the perfect wall..Right in the heart of this area.
     So I began to paint my mural. The men of this area asked me to call my mural “Any Man’s Land” which means that any man can come into these streets and honorably hustle equally amongst the other hustlers in this area. There’s money for everyone to make here..The locals felt very strong about this quote.

The tenderloin locals welcomed me into their streets making sure no lost roaming souls would attempt to harm me while I created my mural.

 Street Bonding!

The meaning of this mural:
The Mermaid represents lust, women, and power

The Bridge represents the Bay Bridge..One of the ports to entering this wild city
The water and land represents the land of San Francisco..Any man’s Land
And the skulls on the bottom left symbolize the roughness and darkness that goes unspoken of ..

To all the Players, Pimps, Hustlers, Residents, Fiends and Ho’s I met in Tenderloin…My respects to them..They are making a Dollar out of Fifteen Cents

I rather paint a mural in a place where visitors wont dare to enter...It eliminates my fears making me a stronger person in every town I step into. I walk through this life with no viciousness nor fear.
My satisfaction is knowing that my mural will be valued and appreciated in these higly populated streets.

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