Saturday, June 8, 2013

Who is Vampy The California Vampire?

Vampy is my newest creation. She represents a time in everyones life in which we are alone, empty,heartbroken,yet hopeful that one unexpected day love will come into your heart and that long lost heart beat of love will pump into your veins and shoot straight into that dormant heart of yours.
Vampy is a representation of the many broken hearts roaming through planet earth searching for that long lost heartbeat. Vampy is a hopeless romantic. The small dose of human blood left pumping through her veins longs for love, the vampire in her lusts for human blood. She travels the world searching for pure and unconditional love.Her Vampire instincts seem to always take the best of her...forcing her to drain every new lover she comes to find. Vampy a hopeless romantic originally from Southern California, she never wished to be a night creature...It just happened.

Vampy: Brown Hair, Black Feathered Dress

Vampy: Dodger Blue Dress, Pink California Hair, No Bow

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