Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sand for Univision Part 1

Watch the full interview here
Part two is tomorrow 6 pm on UNIVISION Network Chanel 34


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Cupcake Cartel

Graphic Artwork inspired by the beautiful team of woman bakers: Cupcake Cartel

Sand paints Frida Kahlo in Mexico City

 Sand One travels to her mother land Mexico City, guided by her never ending search for inspiration. While roaming the streets of Mexico, and indulging the many dishes,colors and cultural riches it has to offer . Sand visited the home of the legendary artist couple; Fridah Kahlo and Diego Rivera's home in Teotihuacan,leading Sand to paint a mural of Fridah in Sands signature style. Inspiration served its purpose.

Cold Heart Warmer

                                        Water color painting size 22x30,
 part of Sand's new watercolor collection.
"Cold Heart Warmer" is inspired by the many cold hearted women living among us.
Give these women a cup of warm hot chocolate with marshmallows.. maybe it will warm their frozen unloving hearts. Living in a busy,big city can make a woman's heart as cold as ice.

Doggy Tails Logo

Gyspy Baller Canvas Purse

Custom canvas bag for a private collector of Sands cute art work.
So Pretty!!
The purse has a painted a portrait of the collector along with her baby pug. On the back side of the purse elements cherished by the girl painted,were added. Making this custom canvas bag extra special.

Vampire Love

24x24 Wood Painting by Sand

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"My Baby" Watercolor Original 22x30

"My Baby"
22x30 Original Sand Watercolor Painting

Original Artwork available for collectors

Art Work description:
"My Baby" is part of artist Sand One's newest watercolor collection.
The painting depicts a young urban couple.A girl hugging the love of her life; A street smarted teddy bear wearing a gold grill with encrusted diamonds as they pose for a cute memorable photo.\

"Gypsy" Watercolor Original 22x30

22x30 Original Sand Watercolor Painting

Original Artwork available for collectors

Art Work description:
"Gypsy" is part of artist Sand One's newest watercolor collection.
The painting depicts a young Gypsy Vampire woman. Timeless and strong through out the lonely,loveless centuries she has gracefully survived.

Sand's newest artwork has been slightly inspired by one of the most famous or infamous monsters of the night created by our modern culture.The mythical vampires.
"Gypsy" is one of the many pieces of artwork Sand has created,inspired by these fascinating night wanderers.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sand Birthday Sept 12

Sept 12 2013
Come to my Art Walk Birthday Celebration!
Going on during the Conart Art Exhibit

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Penguin Love Wall

I was commissioned by a man in love to paint a mural in honor to his soon to be bride. His idea was to propose to her in front of the mural, this would be his way of giving her a piece of art made by me, she loves my work!! I was so honored to be a part of their new beginning! 
I painted the wall as Tony (client) requested. When the day came....He took her to the location and to her surprise it was her on the wall! 
In the penguin world when a male gives a female a pebble and she accepts it...they mate for life. Tony gave Patti a pretty little pebble.

Tony and Patti are now engaged

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Art of Graffiti- Series Premiere July 11 8PM ET

Not all art hangs in museums...
Explore the art that's all around us—everything from the clothes we wear to the food we eat.

Each episode presents new insights into a unique artistic pursuit, exploring motivations, pursuing the creative process, and showcasing the episode's featured work in finalized form.

The possibilities are endless, putting the magnifying glass on creative pursuits from tattoo artistry to culinary design.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vampy The California Vampire Prints

Signed and Numbered Vampy Prints Only a Set of 100 Limited Edition produced

Vampy Prints Here

Puss N Boots Logo

Bye Bye Pussy...Me No Love You Long Time 
Logo created for Puss N Boots an upcoming MC from California, I love the idea as soon as it was presented to me on a rough loosely drawn sketch! A sexy curvaceous cat inside of a beer mug..hmm i wonder if its Modelo ,Budweiser, Stella or what freaken beer is this tight little pussy soaking on? 

Who is Vampy The California Vampire?

Vampy is my newest creation. She represents a time in everyones life in which we are alone, empty,heartbroken,yet hopeful that one unexpected day love will come into your heart and that long lost heart beat of love will pump into your veins and shoot straight into that dormant heart of yours.
Vampy is a representation of the many broken hearts roaming through planet earth searching for that long lost heartbeat. Vampy is a hopeless romantic. The small dose of human blood left pumping through her veins longs for love, the vampire in her lusts for human blood. She travels the world searching for pure and unconditional love.Her Vampire instincts seem to always take the best of her...forcing her to drain every new lover she comes to find. Vampy a hopeless romantic originally from Southern California, she never wished to be a night creature...It just happened.

Vampy: Brown Hair, Black Feathered Dress

Vampy: Dodger Blue Dress, Pink California Hair, No Bow

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vampy The California Vampire:.

Sand x Black Sunshine -Vampy Sweater

The making of the Vampy The California Vampire Garments at the Black Sunshine factory in Southern Ca.
A limited edition collection of Sand One's newest vampire cartoon.

Vampy Sweater

Limited Editon Box Set

Black Sunsine 
Buy Vampy

Friday, May 24, 2013

May 31- Sand Pop Up Shop

​Pop Up Shop

May 31  ​Releasing a Limited Edition Collection of Sands new cartoon:
"Vampy The California Vampire"
Featuring: Prints, Stickers, Clothing, Paintings 
Where: Los Angeles Ca.
When: May 31
Time: 5-10
Address:  768 s. Boyle Ave, LA Ca 90023

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Remezcla.com Featuring Sand One

Los Angeles infamous Sand One on the cover page of the Latino documenting website REMEZCLA.COM
Read the full interview on Sand; life,art, and success.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Jewelry By Danielle

Logo created by Sand for Jewelry By Danielle
Miamis finest she jeweler in the business 

 Ms.Danielle in her awesome Jewelry

Cookies and Milk

A custom portrait of a beautiful strong mother and her new born baby..Meet Blacky and Marilin

Canvas Painting 
                                                                    Marilin and Blacky

Lolita The Vampire

"Lolita" The Vampire 
24x24 Acrylic on wood 
Lolita..A Pretty face with a vicious thirst...
Original piece Available for Collectors, for inquiry email at:

Big Man Bakes Window

Down Town L.A- Sand revamped her cupcake Sand Chik on the window of Big Man Bakes a cupcake bakery located on Main St in the Down Town L.A Arts District.

 Life is short...Live full of life,forgiveness and eat lots of cupcakes!