Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sand Loves You!

I met Shiro in Miami,I was so stoked, I was afraid to even be near her! I have always followed her work, and truly love her personality and the strength that pushes her to succeed in a male dominated scene.Aside from all the unnecessary insecure negativity from certain indviduals whom strive to smash her ambition,Shiro is an awesome female! Her attitude is always 100% on point! The first time I approached her I kept blabbing on and on a bunch of nonsense about how dope she was,bugging her about painting together nonstop for two whole days!(ha ha)Im sure by the third day she was forced to hide from me behind iguanas in Miami.

It wasn't until a year later again in Miami that I finally got to paint with Shiro.I love her Cartoons! Shiro kicks insecure guy balls!
Men set the example for women,we see their strength,drive and ambition to be better than the next man.Men are role models molding the roads to a better day,why must you attempt to shatter my ambition and drive,when all I wish is to be stronger?

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  1. how can you kiss her butt and chomp on her and not even mention how she is in japan or her people or how their situation is??