Thursday, July 21, 2011

Love yourself,embrace what your mama gave you..

There are so many things to pinpoint when it comes to our psychical image. What we would change,what we don't like..Just love yourself...You are living,you have a body,you have a purpose to fullfill in this life,find you motive,build a hobby,chase after a career,create a career.Anything imaginable is possible regardless of your economic status or background. And now I present to you.."Love Yourself"...A day with in Boyle Heights Califas with some of the Sand members.LOVE YOURSELF,YOUR BODY AND WHERE YOU COME FROM,ENJOY!

East L.A Breed

Guys love Sand Chicks on the streets of L.A!!

It gets stressfull at times..

Living La Vida Loka!

Nikes Baby! Rocking the CORTEZ its a strenght symbol for me..

Movers and Shakers..

Photos: Nanette Gonzales

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