Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pink Cholo! Sand x Louis Vuitton Bag!

MEET: James,he is from L.A, has a Sand Chik Tattoo, loves pink and Louis Vuitton bags and fully represents our L.A swagger, in attitude looks and lifestyle. He is now the carrier of a Custom Sand Chik bag. I am proud to have such awesome peeps such as James repping my bags and having them as part of their daily high end fashion! He sent me an original Louis Vuitton Bag to customize. After a long time of researching and stalking his Facebook in order to learn about him before I start customizing his bag…. I finally nailed the perfect characters for him! A Hood Classy Sand Chik with a kinky bitchy attitude, and a little gangsta James looking Teddy Bear...Here is to you Pink Cholo!

Jamez B. is now rocking his custom SAND CHIKZ Louis Vuitton Bag all over the freaken West Coast!! At it Pink Cholo!!

Keeping it HOOD CLASSY and not GIVING A FUCK!

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