Thursday, October 20, 2011

SAND CHIK Wall erased by the City of L.A..

I was so proud of myself when I was doing this wall..It meant so much to me being able to have a huge wall in L.A done my way "BIG”! In the heart of Down Town L.A, I put so much money,paint,time,creativity and effort along with all the people that came through and supported me with paint, assistance and lots of junk food just for it to be erased? WHO WAS I HARMING? DID SOMEONE GO BLIND BY LOOKING AT MY MURAL?..Many thanks to the City of L.A for spending their time chasing after murals...To, Lick it Before you Stick It Blunt wrappers,Conart and Legends Barber Shop for kindly sponsoring this wall..

I was so mad and helpless when I went back to finish my wall during the week to find it completely erased, as I entered a panic stage, and went to speak to the owners, they were outraged and in fear, begging me to stop painting or else I would be “fined and punished”, these were the words used by the city individuals that ordered the owners to give their unwillingly consent remove my mural. HUH? REALLY?


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