Monday, May 28, 2012

Sand x Pyro x Bones Tattoo Collaboration

We decided to team up and collaborate on a tattoo design which consisted of Pyro tattooing and adding his style of letters to one of my Sand Chiks. The Sand Chik was created specially for .:Bones:. She has some of his characteristics such as his religious Asian collars, his facial tattoos, the “B” hand sign he always throws on photos and his serious expression.Very honored to have worked with Pyro and Bones!

 BONES: This character was drawn to be the girl version of .:Bones:. A Los Angeles based Japanese German Thug, artist, hustler and Sand supporter. He represents the side of L.A that travelers from all over the world hear about Los Angeles..The fully tattooed L.A gangster walking on these rough streets of L.A wearing certain hood colors. So u know he was the perfect monument.

 PYRO : is a Los Angeles originated graffiti artist from the old school Graff crew .:West Coast Artist:. He began his Graff career in 1982, waaaaaay before I even came out of my dad’s penis!! (haha) Pyro grew up in Hollywood Ca, hanging out in Hollywood tattoo shops, so u know he had to pick up a gun eventually. Now he’s a highly skilled tattoo artist! .His work is amazing! Clean lines, great shading and a smooth style just like the way he sprays on walls.


5115 York Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90042

                                                                 (323) 254-6733

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