Saturday, August 11, 2012

Indie 184

Check out  New Yorks Legendary Latina Graffiti Artist:  INDIE 184
Now this is a strong, full of attitude and personality female!
Love the style,colors and in your face attitude that pours out of Indie 184
Indie and her partner in crime COPE 2 came to Los Angeles a couple of months ago,I had the chance to chill with her L.A style.
Solid girls in the art scene are limited, but when we find each other its a COOCHIE POWER Reunion!
Enough of my nonsence! Lets check Indie out :D

Peep Indies days in New York

 Indie in Down Town Mutha Fucken L.A Fu! :D
Photo By: Photojennic
Coochie Power Por Vida!

Check out her site
Check out her clothing line

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