Thursday, August 2, 2012

LA's Youngest Female Street Artist by Elaina Soto

Posted by Elaina Soto

Since I consider myself an artist first and because it's my thing I'd like to kick off my Pinup Girl Style by highlighting a talented female artist.

I introduce to you LA's youngest female street artist [SandOner]. If you're from the LA area and you haven't heard her name, chances are you've seen her work. And if you haven't seen her work then you gotta open your eyes to the beauty of LA's urban street art.

I was introduced to Sand during a group exhibition at gallery Casita Del Pueblo ( in Uptown Whittier. She and I both displayed art at this event. The gallery owner insisted we meet. We came to find we both love each other's art and both create crazy lashes on beautiful women! A few weeks later she had her very first solo show in LA called "Bow Ties Sand Chikz". She asked me to model representing one of her pieces. It was fun, standing next to the piece and basically being live-art.
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