Thursday, August 2, 2012

The City Of East L.A removes local artist Sand One's Mural

Sad to say, another one of Sand One's murals was erased 24 hours ago by the city Graffiti Removal squad. This mural was located in East Los Angeles, painted on outside wall of a towing company. The owner who is very appreciative of Sands work was enraged by the actions of the city. As he arrived to his business location early in the morning to see that Sand ones 2 year mural had been removed by the city without his consent. Sand One received a call from one of the workers of the towing company informing her of the freshly occurred incident. Immediately Sand contacted Miss Reds, whom had also painted one side of the business walls. They set out to remove the damage done to their just renewed mural. Angered by the unrightfully actions in Sand’s own city (East L.A) her and Miss Reds decided to fight back. Pressure washing the horrible buff paint that now covered their beautiful murals. Sand and Miss Reds arrived to the wall location and began wishfully washing the cities unrightful doings.

 After 4 hours of desperately attempting to save what the city of East L.A had wrongfully done.. They came to the realization that it was too late to save their mural. The paint had gripped to their existing mural, causing the buff paint along with their artwork to lift from the wall surface.

 The city of L.A has no right to decide what art is and what vandalism is..

This was on the outside of the location for 2 years
This is the newly painted Sand One and Miss Reds(left) mural on the same location

The beginning of the buff removal

 Miss Reds washing off the L.A Buff paint from her newly painted mural
Washing off the city of Los Angeles unrightfull actions

                                                      After 3 hours of pressure washing
What is left of the mural...

Note from Sand and Miss Reds: We are not letting the City of L.A dictate what is art and where we can create.None of us artist should give in to the city's unrightful actions.We are taking action,and painting the city as if it was 2009 still..when none of these mural rules and ordinances were ever created!
Cause girls just wanna have fun....

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  1. being present when the mural was being created by both of this artist Ms. reds and sand one, i witness a true artist at work the time, effort, creative and money that goes into just one of this two murals needs to be ignoledge for what it is ART and not vandalism with business owner's permission in allowing this mural to be done the city should be more considering of people Bellevue's in ART. and to this and all other street artist keep doing ART right and fight the power!!!.