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ASPIRA Charter School Mural

Sand One Paints a Large Scale Mural At ASPIRA School For Art Basel

Miami, FL - Friday, December 7,2012

Los Angeles based street artist and female urban art icon, Sand One, returns to Miami to participate in the week of Art Basel 2012. Her work will be exhibited throughout the week in The Arts District galleries. The main highlight of Sands trip to Miami will be painting a large scale educational based mural called "Book Smarts" at ASPIRA Eugenio Maria de Hostos Youth Leadership Charter School located at 1 Northeast 19th Street Miami, FL 33132. The mural will feature the artist's signature long lashed girl characters engaging in school activities. Sand emphasizes, "the intention behind the mural is to highlight the importance of reading. Reading is knowledge."

The mural is made possible due to the diligent efforts of Captain George Guevara of Fire Department Station 2, who recognized the necessity to beautify the school's building with something inspirational and creative for the students. The fire department sits adjacent to the school in Wynwood. After meeting with Principal Jorge Trujillo and ASPIRA President/CEO George Cabrera, ASPIRA sanctioned the mural proposal as it directly relates to the student body, as well as the interactive aspect of the artist welcoming the students to help her paint the mural.

“This is an exciting opportunity to have our students participate in a unique hands on project that expands their learning beyond the classroom,” said ASPIRA President and CEO, George Cabrera. “This would not have been possible without the vision and support of Captain George Guevara. We cannot thank Sand One enough for sharing her talent with our Aspirantes and for choosing the Eugenio Maria De Hostos building as her canvas to communicate the importance of reading.”

Sand has been painting hundreds of murals over the past three years all across the country, from Los Angeles to New York to Miami. She also has her own clothing line featured in various boutiques across Los Angeles and has worked with corporate brands such as Levi's during Art Basel 2011 in conjunction with Primary Flight.

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From left:
Sands main assistant in the mural project: Peter
Sand, Ms.Turk, Fire Captain Guevara, School President George,School Director Trujillo,Art Teacher
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  1. this is behind my school and its so amazing now the school has color and vibe to it back then it was just gray and plain with taggers on it now its amazing im just happy you did this to the school and i really like your characters there so cool and its cool to see a girl do what most guys do if i get better hope to one day do a pice with you

  2. it came out amazing and by the way thats my school im one of the ones that helped you with the leaf its amazing if i ever get better i wanna do a piece with you